Tampa, Florida

Nature Happenings

• Project FeederWatch continues, www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw
• Hummingbirds arrive. Be sure to have their feeders ready.
• Goldfinches begin to molt into their brilliant yellow plumage.
• Bluebirds begin nesting by the end of the month. Be sure to have their houses ready, and begin monitoring them by the middle of the month (incubation 14 days; fledging in 18 days).
• Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Crows and Blue Jays begin nesting.
• Screech Owls are sitting on their eggs.
• The Sandhill Crane spring migratory population peaks during the first or second week of the month.
• Peak of Eastern Screech-Owl nesting.
• Osprey begin nesting.
• Barn Swallows arrive.
• Tufted Titmice begin nesting at the end of the month.