Tampa, Florida
We can show you how to turn your yard into a birdfeeding habitat that brings song, color and life to your home.

Help Birds Survive the Floods from the Hurricane

As one of our family of customers and friends, we hope this email finds you safe and well.

The recent hurricane has done damage to our neighborhoods and our community. While we all start to rebuild our homes, businesses and lives, please consider taking a few steps to help our birds weather the loss of their habitats, too.

The storm's high winds and floodwaters have damaged numerous habitats and many of the natural food sources that are typically available for birds, particularly for ground-feeding birds that eat insects, worms and seeds. The storm also decimated countless trees and shrubs that birds use for food and shelter.

You can help birds and wildlife survive this demanding time by providing them with much needed food, fresh water and shelter.

Install ground feeders and hang tray feeders as low as possible to the ground. Fill them with a variety of high-energy foods such as a high-quality seed blend, suet nuggets, mealworms and fruits. Hang added tube and hopper feeders filled with seed, suet and mealworms to give the birds an additional source of food.

Birds need a clean source of water for drinking and bathing as flood waters can leave polluted pools as they recede. Provide birds and other wildlife access to fresh water with a birdbath.

As things dry out, consider creating brush piles for birds to use as shelter from weather and predators. This also provides them a place to raise families next spring. Nest boxes, birdhouses and roosting platforms will also offer additional sources of nesting and shelter.

As we all work to recover from this hurricane, having the birds return to our backyards can bring us a sense of hope, renewal and peace. The birds will help us recover and you can help the birds recover as well.